zaimki wskazujące - wybieranie

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Wpisz this/that we właściwe miejsce w zdaniu.



Excuse me, is seat free?


No it isn't, but seat over there is free, I believe.


Who is man over there?


Hi. I would like you to meet someone. is my father.


Here you are. Be careful juice is cold. Drink it slowly.


Open the fridge. There is some juice. is an orange juice. Do you like oranges?


I like building opposite the church.


is a beautiful dress you are wearing. Where did you buy it?


Look. There is a beautiful dress in the window. I want dress!


Give me book in the orange cover. It is on the top shelf.


Here it is. book is by a famous author - William Shakespeare.


What's noise? It came from downstairs.


Jesus! The baby is crying again. I hate noise. Can you take her somewhere?


Bring me dictionary. It is on the table near the window.


Here you are. Is your dictionary?


I love club! I like it here.


Do you remember club in London? It was fantastic.


I often rest here. park is beautiful.


Can you see park over there?

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