First conditional wybór formy czasownika

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Wpisz czasownik we właściwej formie.


1. If I (work) hard I (become) someone in the future.


2. If Mike (be) at home in the afternoon today we (visit) him.


3. Mr Smith (call) you as soon as he (arrive) home.


4. When my parents (learn) about my marks they (kill) me.


5. I (get) a good mark from the test unless he (give) extra difficult questions.


6. They (not get) free games unless they a comment on FB.


7. After she (get) ready we (go) to the restaurant.


8. As soon as I (finish) my school I (burn) all the notebooks.


9. We (eat) something before we (go) to the match.


10. Marta (make) dinner after she (finish) doing the shopping.



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